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Hey I'm Carlos, an IoT fanatic, and your host for this website. We recognize that IoT is in a state of constant flux, revolutionizing our... A Pioneer in IoT Conferences was not just another conference; it was a beacon for IoT enthusiasts and professionals. The platform was renowned for hosting the “IoTLive” virtual conference, an event that aimed to address the pressing and unanswered questions in the IoT domain. to Merging Legacies in the IoT Domain

Spanning multiple time zones, from Europe to North America, the conference stood as a testament to the global reach and importance of IoT. With thought-provoking panels, keynote sessions from leading IoT companies, and live demonstrations of the latest products and platforms, had been at the forefront of bringing together the global IoT community.

IoTLive #002: A Global IoT Retrospective

IoTLive had hosted a series of online discussions from the Global IoT Community as part of the Fifth Annual Internet of Things Day on April 9th. The event had been meticulously planned, kicking off in Europe and concluding on the west coast of North America.

Event Highlights:

Speakers: The event had featured global IoT experts, including Larry Wall from Eurotech, Kevin Holbrook from Thingworx, Satish Katpally from Cisco, and many others. The sessions ranged from keynotes to panels discussing the evolution of IoT platforms, IoT development tools, market development for industrial applications, and addressing security in IoT.

Event Schedule: IoTLive had run throughout the day on April 9th, starting at 7:30am EDT (1330 CEST) and concluding with demo sessions from 4:15-5:15pm EDT (2215-2315 CEST).

Demos: Companies like Zatar – Zebra Technologies, Glassbeam, PubNub, and Crowsnest had showcased their products and platforms.

Engagement: Attendees had the opportunity to watch the event live, join interactive discussions, and follow updates.

The Transition to

The acquisition of by was more than just a domain change; it was a merging of legacies. While had been a beacon for IoT conferences and discussions, took the torch forward by becoming a comprehensive platform offering insights, articles, and updates on various IoT applications and trends. The hub encapsulated the spirit of, ensuring that the legacy of quality content and community engagement continued.

Relevance and Synergy

The relevance of to lay in their shared mission: to educate, inform, and inspire the IoT community. By acquiring, not only expanded its content repertoire but also inherited a dedicated audience that once looked up to for its pioneering efforts in the IoT conference space. This synergy ensured that the combined platform continued to serve as a leading resource in the IoT industry, bridging the past’s legacy with the future’s innovations.

Hey I'm Carlos, an IoT fanatic, and your host for this website. We recognize that IoT is in a state of constant flux, revolutionizing our interaction with technology. This is precisely why we are committed to keeping you on top of the newest trends, advancements, and creative breakthroughs in the expansive field of IoT.

The Evolution from to IOTA Hub: Merging Legacies in the IoT Domain