The following applies to all social media platforms, including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Social Media Issue

IoT Applications Hub recognizes the value and importance of social media platforms for communication and interaction. However, we also acknowledge the potential risks and challenges associated with social media, including the spread of misinformation, cyberbullying, and invasion of privacy. We encourage our followers and users to engage with us on social media in a responsible and respectful manner.

Presence/Scope of Social Media

IoT Applications Hub maintains a presence on various social media platforms as a means of communication and engagement with our customers and users. Our social media accounts are managed by our designated social media team and are subject to our social media guidelines.

Protecting Others

We expect all users of our social media platforms to respect the rights and privacy of others. Users should not post any personal information or content that could harm or infringe upon the rights of others. Any such posts will be removed and the user may be subject to disciplinary action or legal action as applicable.

Protecting Yourself

Users of our social media platforms are responsible for protecting their own privacy and personal information. We recommend that users exercise caution and discretion when sharing personal information or engaging in online interactions. IoT Applications Hub is not responsible for any damage or harm that may result from sharing personal information or engaging in online interactions.

Restrictions on Use of Social Media Data

We may use data collected from our social media platforms to improve our services, products, and customer experience. However, we will not share or sell any personal data to third-party companies or organizations without the user’s consent. Users may opt out of receiving promotional communications from IoT Applications Hub at any time by contacting us at [email protected].

Accuracy of Social Media Data

IoT Applications Hub strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information on our social media platforms. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. Users should always verify any information before relying on it.

Potential Issues of Liability

IoT Applications Hub cannot be held liable for any damages or harm that may result from the use of our social media platforms. We are not responsible for any user-generated content or information posted on our social media platforms. Users who engage with our social media platforms do so at their own risk.

We reserve the right to remove any comments, posts, or other content on our social media platforms that are deemed inappropriate, offensive, or irrelevant to the topic being discussed. We also reserve the right to block users who repeatedly violate our social media guidelines or engage in inappropriate behavior.

By interacting with our social media platforms, you agree to comply with the terms and policies of each individual platform, as well as our own social media guidelines. You also agree to release IoT Applications Hub from any and all liability related to your use of our social media platforms.


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